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DISOBEDIENCE: unspoken longing, finally being spoken aloud.

An upcoming dramatic film from the director Sebastian Lelio, based on the namesake novel by Naomi Alderman, starring Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdam and Alessandro Nivola.

A wrenching drama and a story about unshared passions. As the trailer begins it showcases a woman (Rachel McAdam) named ‘Ronit’ who decamp her conformist upbringing for independence in New York, but forced to return to London followed by her rabbi father’s departure from his life.

Abruptly, she is back in a world of pigeonholed people gaze skeptically at her tight skirt. She derides the fanaticism of her adolescence community but, it is distinct that she has herself crashed to find direction in her life.She is financially satisfied with her job but not emotionally. Having lost engrossment in god, she only entrust her therapist as a male god-substitute.


Shortly she gets acquainted with the fact that the girl ESTI (Rachel Weisz) with whom she is staying with and uncovered her bisexuality is married to her cousin DOVID (Alessandro Nivola), the deceased rabbi’s apparent heir. Dovid extends as the one character in love triangle who can’t easily be pigeonholed.

Trailer seem to portray the intuition how author also portrayed into Jewish religion and customs, which adjoin deep meaning to the situations of the character.It is anticipated to be an appeasing narrative story of the virtues of religion, tradition, identity and the ways it can be reunited with a modern lifestyle.

It is not at all controversial but conventional, it seems to be a perfect blend of heat and intensity with a chilly cinematography followed by the pure feeling of the admiration of the struggle faced by Ronit and Esti and evidently we felt the powerful connection in the bond of Weisz and McAdam and we can see them enjoying their moments of electricity.

Disobedience itself seems to be a kind of sermon and succeeds at its twists, those strings are wealthy with life.


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