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Second DLC pack adds Blastoise to Pokken Tournament DX

A second DLC pack for the POKKEN TOURNAMENT DX has been released to the Nintendo Switch Version

The second DLC pack has added two new Pokemon for playing and two new support pokemon and various cosmetics, skins for your avatar.

After Charizard addition from Kanto region, Blastoise will become the second pokemon from this region which will be added to this game. Blastoise can get evolve to Mega Blastoise with help of burst and can be dealt more damage to opponents in its evolution form.
Pokken Tournament DX DLC Blastoise

The first DLC pack of Pokken Tournament has been introduced by Nintendo at the start of the year. The first wave of DLC included Aegislash in the roster which has been released at the start of February.

Pokken Tournament DX DLC

The other two support Pokémon which has been added to the DLC pack are Mew and Celebi. Last month we have seen the addition of Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu to the POKKEN TOURNAMENT DX roster.

The new DLC pack has also introduced new clothes, cosmetics for avatars which include Blastoise T-Shirt, Rock Guitar Set, Bi-Colour Hair, Glasses and Refreshing Stole. New outfits for Nia has also been included.

The new DLC pack for Pokken Tournament DX can be purchased for $ 19.99 from Nintendo E-shop.

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