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Doctor Doom Script by Noah Hawley Almost Complete

Good news for all the Fantastic Four fans as their one of the significant foe and most potent villain is about to come alive. Noah Hawley, the acclaimed writer, has completed the script for Doctor Doom. However, there is catch that things are yet to be finalised because of the ongoing Disney and Fox merger. The positive thing is that even with this 20th-century fox is working as usual and is introducing new projects along with continuing with the ongoing ones without any worry. This is undoubtedly great sign for the development of movie like Doctor Doom which has enormous potential because of the presence of Noah Hawley.

Last summer Noah Hawley announced that he is working on the Doctor Doom script and has few ideas about the story. Soon after the announcement, he got busy in developing the subsequent seasons for his already popular series Legion and Fargo for FX. Alongside Doctor Von Doom script Noah is also working on his directorial debut Pale Blue Dot. All this time working on these intensive projects he never gave up on the Doctor Doom movie, and that’s the reason why he has made proper development. Talking about the story Noah Hawley earlier said that It would be a mix of genres similar to Captain America: Winter Soldier. That’s a big thing to commit as Winter Soldier is considered to be the best comic book movie and being a political thriller properly balances both action and suspense element.

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Recently in his talks with Vulture, Noah Hawley spoke about his potential Doctor Doom film and the current status of it. He added that don’t expect the film to come out in the foreseeable future because of the ongoing Disney & Fox merger. However, he said that folks at Fox had liked the script and they are ready to give it go if everything stays smooth. Here’s what he said: “I wrote a script that I like, and the studio likes. It needs a little work.”

We can surely rely on Noah’s creation as he has proved his potential time and again by giving groundbreaking tv series like Legion and Fargo. His style has provided a refreshing take on the Superhero stories with Legion being the living example of it. If he carries over his amazing creative skills in Doctor Doom get ready to witness an extraordinary film in the near future. Now with a great script at the disposal, the ball is in Marvel’s court, and we will have to wait to see if the studio can cash-in on this great opportunity.

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