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DOOM Eternal: Update 6.4 – Patch Notes

This minor update for DOOM Eternal includes some fall cosmetic items related to upcoming in-game events and some bug fixes.

As you navigate the dark demonic waters of the content to come, your gaze is drawn starboard to the shimmering horizon, where you briefly glimpse the terrifying event to come next in-game …


HARR! In front of you stands Le Manc , the collection of the dreaded Mancubus, the bearded and evil sea captain! But this terrible enemy is just a taste of the sunken treasures that will soon reappear on the surface! Stay tuned to the Slayers Club to not miss any information on this upcoming event!

Other Changes – All Platforms


  • Main menu music is again the same as when DOOM Eternal launched in March 2020

Bug fixes – All platforms


  • Fixed an issue that appeared in patch 6.2 that caused player-controlled Marauder’s Ax flame effects to be white instead of orange-red

Known issues – All platforms


  • Issue: Ambient map sound effects may persist in-game or in menus after closing Folder
  • Resolution: This problem mostly resolves spontaneously after a short period of time, but may reoccur when you flip and close the card in the Folder. This issue will be fixed in a future update.

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