Dot Plus O is a short film by Somak Mukherjee under the banner of humaramovie YouTube channel. Starring Chetan Sushir and Sukanya Kulkarni. Shorts are the perfect method to portray more in less and they bear sheer freedom to describe and brief in their own way which becomes connecting and easy for the viewers to understand. Dot Plus O is an unlike kind of film which portrayed though a social issue which has disturbed the lives of many.

A Brief To Dot Plus O.

Dot Plus O is an art film which is based on a crucial issue, especially in India i.e. Money. It authentically portrayed the real face of the system which is made humans only and how we humans become prey to the system made by us, how money plays a significant role in our lives. Dot Plus O begins portraying a couple enjoying their quality time and suddenly his beloved falls and gets hurt. Bewildered, he takes her to the doctor which is symbolically represented as an exorcist and her beloved is bound to trust him for he has no other option. The doctor asks for the hefty amount of money for the treatment and the beloved gets shocked to hear the amount and ponders in a worry that from where would he arrange. He somehow manages to get the amount by selling his assets but doctor demands more as the treatment needs to further diagnosis.

Losing all the hopes he beloved knocks every possible door to seek help from but all he gets is gloom and disappointment. But one door entertains him to give help and tells him that they need nothing in return for humanity, he rushes to the doctor and hands him over the amount and after some time his beloved recovers. They both happily leaves to lead a normal life and go o their home where the lady finds that he had sold everything to save her life. Suddenly some arrive and take hold of his wife and make him captive which shows that nothing comes for nuts and all this happened because he has nothing to repay.

Dot Plus O

Goods and Bads of Dot Plus O.

Dot Plus O is an art film and the director has experimented well to portray the condition of the society which we had made and now become the slaves of the system but the director made it way too much complex to be understood in one go for ordinary audience and for those who are not familiar with the art films or theater genre. The concept was good but little more elaboration could have helped the director to make the audience understand the things more clearly and stylized presentation and the typical musical stage show could have turned into a simple cinematic approach. One nice thing would like to mention and that is the short was silent which adds to it as a plus point.