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Download Detective Pikachu Game and solve the mysteries of Ryme

Detective Pikachu has finally arrived on the Nintendo 3DS platform and is available on the Nintendo E-shop from this week. Pokemon fans have been waiting all around the globe to experience the fun and adventure of this newly released Pokemon game.

In order to play Detective Pikachu on your device, you will require to first purchase the game. Below mentioned are simple steps by which you can download Detective Pikachu on your console
How to Download Detective Pikachu Game on 3DS?

1) In the first step, you need to connect your Nintendo 3DS console to the active internet connection.

2) You need to click on the Nintendo E-shop Icon on the home menu to explore all the available games for purchase. Search for the Detective Pikachu game and you will land on its dedicated page.

3) Once you have reached this page you need to click on ” Tap here to Purchase Button”. The game will cost you around $ 39.99. Just follow the required instructions displayed on the screen,  step by step in order to purchase and download the game to your console.

4) Once you have completed the above step, you can return back to the Home menu and can locate your purchased game.

Download Detective Pikachu Game

Download Detective Pikachu Game

Download Detective Pikachu Game

Detective Pikachu is a single player adventure game, in which Pikachu is a detective who helps out a character named Tim Goodman to unveil the mysteries pestering the Ryme City. In the game, players have to carry out an investigation as a detective by searching for clues, observing scenes to solve the cases and mysteries of the game.

The game includes 150 animated cut-scenes of amusing Pikachu and you will also communicate with other Pokemon across your Ryme City Adventure
Detective Pikachu Gameplay


Credits: Games of All Generations in HQ\HD Jr

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Release Date: Mar 23, 2018

Category: Adventure

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Creatures Inc

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