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How to download Instagram videos on Android device.

Instagram, the world’s gallery where everyone posts not only photo but videos too, and while browsing your Instagram feed, you might have thought how to download Instagram videos, but at last ended by saving the video in the archives, it’s easy you can easily tap the Save button on the post. But the video doesn’t get literally saved, it just get a bookmark on it. You can’t find it in your device when you are offline. But the videos on Instagram can de downloaded. Here’s

How to download Instagram videos on Android device.

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How to download Instagram videos easily.


The first method of downloading the Instagram video is by using website, named Save From Net, which is fast and handy method to download videos from any social media source.

STEP 1 –

The very first step is to get the link of the desired Instagram video. For this visit to the video, tap on the more option, i.e, the three dotted button on the top right of the post. Then tap on Copy Link from the more options.

STEP 2 –

Second step is to browse the Save From Net website, for this go to the Chrome browser and search for Save From Net or you can simply tap on this link to (VISIT NOW).

STEP 3 –

After visiting the website the app, on the home itself you will get a box at the top after the welcome note. You need to Paste the link that you have copied of the desired Instagram video. After pasting the link wait a bit till the optimisation of the URL completes. You will find a Download Mp4 button as soon as the background process completes. And hit that button to start the downloading.

You can check in notification bar to check out the downloading status of the video (if you are using Chrome browser). You will get a notification after video get downloaded, tap on it. You can find this downloaded video in Gallery, or go to the File Manager and go to Downloads and you can find the downloaded video there.


This is a handy method, can be done whenever you want. But if you need to frequently download videos, you can download the app, the app is not available on Google Playstore, but you can download it from here. (DOWNLOAD NOW)

After downloading the video open the app and enter the desired link in the box, just below the banner.

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