Finally the most awaited game “Dragon Ball FighterZ” has been released. It is beyond perfect and stands on the fans expectations. After a long time, such fighting game is released.

Game’s 3D look like 2.5D animation is very strong. The game displays a clear understanding of each character’s detail and also have a good blend of screen effects and the way of showing the moves and effects in the game are worth to watch.

The game intro is very interesting to watch in which each character of the roster is portrayed by their own unique style. In the hub area of the game, you can go for the Story Mode, practice session or tutorial mode. The game has a very in-depth tutorial session which makes the players familiar with the various controls of the game. The game wants you to have a complete idea of the ongoing story so it features long conversation exchange and lots of cutscenes which makes anybody feeling bored.

Arcs System has made the battle style of this game very different from the other games. Instead of the classic fighting games, it features the 3vs3 battle mode. As the game, it is tag team type, player should be careful when to tag in and to tag out. The main fighting screen shows health meter, a special meter and a counter bar which raises when you increase the rage of the player. The game has the ability by which players can take some cool-down restrained help from the team members or they can switch. Once a team member is down, then the other character instantly comes to battle in a short cut scene.

Unlike other fighting games, Dragon Ball Fighter Z mechanics are pretty simple and very easy to learn. There are just four attack buttons in the game each for light, medium, heavy, and a special attack. These are great because you have to deal with three playable characters during the battle. You don’t have to remember a lot of buttons for unleashing huge combos. Each character has two damaging auto combos that you can perform them with just light or medium attack buttons.Super combos can be performed when the characters’ ki is up to a certain level. Ki can be raised by raging the character by holding certain button.

The game has 24 playable characters having their own unique style. All the characters are easy to learn and you’ll have upper hand on some them for the first time.

Game Modes:

Story mode:

Dragon Ball FighterZ’ campaign mode tells the same story from 3 different prospectives each in an arc. For going to next arc you have to complete each arc to move on to the next. Total campaign length is about 10 to 12 hours. Due to the same story, you’ll play the same sequence from the different perspective but the repetitiveness will make you tired after some time.  Basically, the story involves an invasion of the mysterious clones and the appearance of a new character in the game as Android 21 in Majin form. Majin Android 21 will play important role in the story as she will help to recreate  Android 16 who is the main villain of the game. The story is played from the perspective of Goku, Frieza and Android 18.


Source: (Anime Games Online – Youtube)

Arcade Mode:

For having random fun and testing your skills against AI of the game there is an arcade mode in the game. The arcade mode is unique from all other fighting games. It has unique progression system which assigns a grade high, middle, or low according to the fight and then automatically set the difficulty of next stage according to the grade. If you have a high grade then the next stages will very tough and challenging. This is the fun of the arcade mode.

Online Mode:

Online mode is also in the game and servers are up for having the online battle against the players from the world and increasing the skills. The lobby is best in the game. Your avatar can communicate with other players with emojis and funny stickers. Through various loot boxes, you can have more stickers and emojis for conversations both in offline and online mode.


By the simple controls and easily accessible combos game is best fighting game for newcomers and for skilled players it is like undefeatable. Only there is some lack of story mode otherwise, the game has enough depth and content to play. It is far better than the many fighting games and a big success for the  Arc System Works.

Release Date: 26 January 2018

Platform:  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rating: 8.5

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