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Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Trailer Marks Return Of Vegito

Finally, Dragon Ball Heroes Anime reveals its debut trailer today. Fans are rejoicing after seeing the trailer of epic spin-off series. The action-packed trailer reveals the dark villain in a straight jacket and the return of the favourite characters from Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Trailer

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime trailer kicks-off with the clashing of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and  Super Saiyan Blue. The trailer shows the Son Goku and Vegeta fighting against an evil Super Saiyan named Fu (a villain from the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games). He seems stronger than Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime

Future Trunks is also shown with Future Mai. He is the major part of the story of the anime. The main highlight of the trailer is the return of the Vegito. Last time we saw him in Dragon Ball Super where he fought against merged Zamasu. The trailer also reveals a new type of Dragon Balls which will be the keys to help Future Trunks.

If you don’t know, Dragon Ball Heroes Anime is the short promotional anime of the Dragon Ball Heroes game and it will follow’s the game’s Prison Planet arc.

Dragon Ball Heroes Synopsis

Dragon Ball Heroes

Here is the official synopsis of Prison Planet Arc:

“Trunks returns from the future to train with Goku and Vegeta. However, he abruptly vanishes. The mysterious man “Fu” suddenly appears, telling them that Trunks has been locked up on the “Prison Planet”, a mysterious facility in an unknown location between universes. The group searches for the Dragon Balls to free Trunks, but an unending super battle awaits them! Will Goku and the others manage to rescue Trunks and escape the Prison Planet?”

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Episode 1 will air on 1 July.

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