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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers: “Prison Planet Arc” Starts

Dragon Ball Super movie is few months away and now Dragon Ball franchise is making its return to TV in just two more months. This time Dragon Ball will have a short anime spin-off for the promotion of Dragon Ball Heroes game. Dragon Ball Heroes anime will start airing from 1st July and we have some Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers.

Recently Dragon Ball Heroes website reveals the synopsis of the 1st episode of Dragon Ball’s new anime.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Spoilers

“Goku and Vegeta set off to train where they’re visited once more by Future Trunks. But, suddenly, Trunks vanishes and the mysterious man ‘Fu’ appears.

He says that Trunks is held at the uncharted Prison Planet built between the universes. To be freed, they must gather the Dragon Balls and expect endless, tremendous battles.

Will Goku and friends be able to reach Prison Planet and save Trunks?”

Dragon Ball Heroes Anime
Source: Toei Animation

So, from the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 spoilers it is confirmed that the anime will start from the “Prison Planet Arc” of Dragon Ball Heroes game. In The anime Fu will be the main antagonist of the arc. The trunk will be captured in the mysterious prison in an unknonwn planet between two unverses.

In the Dragon Ball Heroes anime, you’ll witness the epic showdown between the Super Saiyan 4 goku and Super Saiyan Blue Goku. Furthermore, various character from the game will be introduced in the anime.

The official website also released some screenshot of the anime which clearly shows the best animation like Dragon Ball Super. The series will be short but will be enough to make fans happy with its epic battles.

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