Dragon Ball Super Heroes Revealed New Dragon Balls and Planets!

It has been 2 months since Dragon Ball Super ended. Now the time has come for a new spin-off kind of anime starting from July ,2018, yes, it’s the Dragon Ball Heroes.
This new arc is based on the Super Dragon Ball Heroes arcade video game back in Japan. Lots of promotional short clips of this game have been hype recently in Japan. This anime is the continued version of Dragon Ball Super which will work as the fanservice anime. This Dragon Ball season is going to be small and end up to mid of November, according to the predictions. The series is going to cover the Prison Arc from the video game. According to the spoilers and predictions, we will witness some new planets.

Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Heroes


The main characters are going to be our heroes, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and Mai along with the new and powerful villains Fu, Evil Saiyan, etc. From the twitter, we have a summary of this new season which is really important for all Dragon Ball fans.


Trunks returns from the future to upskill with our heroes in time chamber. However, he suddenly vanishes. The mysterious man “Fu” appears, telling them that Trunks has been captured in the “Prison Planet” and to free him they have to search for the Dragon Balls. Prison Planet is an unknown location between universes with a mysterious facility. In the end, they have to fight with Evil Saiyan and Fu. Will Goku and the other heroes manage to rescue Trunks from Prison Planet?

Prison Planet

Prison Planet is a set of seven planets all chained together similar to planet Earth and Universe 3. Fu is the mastermind behind this Prison Planet found on Babari and here the twist lies that Babari has its own special Dragon Balls and in order to escape from the planet, relics are needed. Fans who played the Dragon Ball game would know about this Prison Planet.

That’s all from today’s post. We are pretty sure our heroes will have to fight the evil Saiyan and Fu in order to save Trunks. You can share your opinions in the comment section below.