Bandai Namco Entertainment after the success of Dragon Ball Xenoverse series for PC and console. The company is all set to bring the enthralling master art and lot of ki to mobile devices with its new game called Dragon Ball Legends.

Dragon Ball franchise is really popular all around the world and the company has given a treat to dragon ball fans as Dragon Ball Super anime has only last episode left to be aired. The game will be launched for both the Android and iOS devices. The company has shared announcement trailer for the game with the tagline – A new star is born

Dragon Ball Legends Game

In the trailer of the game, it has been shown that two players from any place around can battle each other with the just swipe of the finger. This will be really exciting as we have seen this worldwide battle phenomenon hugely famous these days with the success of PUBG and Fortnite. A lot of characters from Dragon Ball Series are available for play which includes Son Goku (Super Saiyan Form, Piccolo, Nappa, Vegeta, Frieza and Pan

Dragon Ball Legends Game

Dragon Ball Legends Mobile Game for Android and iOS devices


We might also see the new characters from the Dragon Ball Super anime. The Dragon Ball Super Movie teaser has been shared yesterday which is being designed by Akira Toriyama and will air at the end of the year 2018. In the trailer, we got the brief look of the Goku’s Villian in the movie, which can be supposedly legendary Yamoshi.

The game fight mode will feature the selection of three characters, each player will select three characters from the roster and battle against the opponents three characters. Dragon Ball Legends is likely to release in the summer of the year 2018, but the exact date of the release has not been confirmed

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