It has been two months since Dragon Ball Super anime ended. But Dragon Ball Super franchise always provide us with something new to linger interest in this anime. A recent twitter post by Todd Blankenship @Herms98 gives a brief overview of Kale’s True Berserk Strength. Unlike anime, manga of Dragon Ball Super is going strong in the market. Dragon Ball Super manga is providing some divine deep details of the characters which never shown in the Tournament of Power arc anime.

From the recent twitter post, we can estimate the power of Kale. Kale is a pretty strong character of Universe 6 but in anime, her power level has never been explained properly. Everyone only guesses the total extent of her true powers which lead to the misconceptions regarding her true Berserk strength. But in the manga, her first-time appearance made fans crazy because it gave huge intuition on her real power.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoilers

It was an interesting week for all the Dragon Ball Superfans as we attended the many enthralling battles. Now moving onto the newest chapters of the manga, we will witness the true extent of Kale’s monstrous strength. According to the twitter spoilers, she will unleash her full berserk power which is only noticed by Vados, a member of the Universe 6.
According to the tweet, Vados on Kale states that if she unleashes her full power her Super Saiyan power really engulfs her. Her true Berserk Strength leads to tremendous destruction.
Dragon Ball Super manga will show Kale transformation in a different way as in anime Kale transformed in Super Saiyan mode when she joins alongside Cabba and Caulifla.
The overpower Kale gave trouble to both Golden Freeza and Super Saiyan Blue Goku which means Kale is superior to both Caulifla and Cabba in the power levels.

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