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Dragon Ball Super Movie Runtime Revealed Accidently

Dragon Ball Super fans are waiting very eagerly for the Dragon Ball Super movie coming this December. Dragon Ball Super anime was most successful in the Dragon Ball franchise. It attracted that amount of worldwide viewership than any of other anime and also gives a huge boost to the revenue of Dragon Ball Franchise.

Dragon Ball Super movie will release in December 14th but its story or plot still remains a mystery for the Dragon Ball fans. But it is confirmed that the movie will focus on the origins of the Sayains and will be the sequel to Dragon Ball Super anime.

After the ending of the anime series, Toei Animation revealed the teaser of the movie showing a new enemy standing against Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Movie

Dragon Ball Super Movie Runtime

The more is the release date is coming near the more details will uncover about the movie. In the recent interviews Dragon room chief, Akio lyoku accidentally reveal the runtime of Dragon Ball Movie. Here’s is the English translation from the Twitter user @Herms98 :

From the tweet of the Todd Blankenship(@Herms98) it is clear that the upcoming  Dragon Ball Super Movie will have a runtime of total 2 hours. Akira Toriyama has pinned the story of the movie in 2 hours. Todd Blankenship previously revealed that the Toriyama has made the multilayered story of the dragon ball movie. Compared to the previous two movies it will be the longest movie as Battle Of Gods was about 1 hour and 45 minutes longer and Resurrection Of F was 1 hour and 34 minutes longer. But this time a Dragon Ball franchise movie will have a multilayered story set in past and present. So, it will be interesting to see that how Toriyama has managed to make a multistory plot for the movie and how he concluded it.

Dragon Ball Super anime is currently finished airing. Its dubbed version is airing on Adult Swim on Saturday evenings at 9.30 p.m. You can also watch it on FunimationNow and Amazon Video.

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