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Drakemoon giving THE BUREAU: XCOM DECLASSIFIED for just $ 0.45, Best Gaming Deals

We all want to play a lot of games but it gets heavy on our pocket as they cost huge bucks. Now you don’t have to worry about game prices anymore because we have found an amazing website for you which offers daily game deals, discounted game bundles, steam keys, origin keys and exciting game cases. You need to visit the Drakemoon website to grab these daily offers. Each day Drakemoon award Game of the Day under their daily deal section with huge slashed prices. Today, Drakemoon is offering THE BUREAU: XCOM DECLASSIFIED as their Game of the Day and its steam key will only cost you $0. 45 ( Original Price – $ 19.99 ).

Best Gaming Deals

Best Gaming Deals

The game story has been setup in the year 1962 at the height of the Cold War. It describes the story of a secret organization XCOM which has been established to defend against the Soviet Union. The Bureau must overcome any menace and threat planned by the Soviet Union.

Best Gaming Deals

The game is a third person shooter where you play as a special agent William Carter and also control two agents which will join the mission alongside you. Its gameplay offers you Battle Focus Mode where you can select movements for your agents and plan strategies according to situations in the game. Humanity survival is at borderline and you have to pull off a covert operation against the enemy in order to prevent the worldwide panic. The action-packed gameplay is totally based on Tactical Combat as you command your squad through every mission, you can also heal your squad players but once your squad member dies, it can’t join as an agent for the next mission, so the stakes are very high requiring you to plan proper strategies through each mission.

Strategy based games are always great fun to put some brain and dive into action. Also, it gets quite difficult to curb your excitement when the game is this much astonishing. Hurry up, the deal on Drakemoon is only for a limited period of time. Quickly visit the link below and get your hands on THE BUREAU: XCOM DECLASSIFIED.


Stay tuned for more exciting gaming deals and offers, with a regular check on Drakemoon website.


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