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Drakemoon Swimming Pool Case priced $3 only, includes 11 games & gift card

Still not been able to find a good website for purchasing discounted games? Well, your wait is now over as Drakemoon is giving popular game titles in assorted cases at huge discounts. We checked many websites which are offering game deals but Drakemoon is prominent among all. All their cases are well structured and designed after analysing users favourite game titles. The case that we will be discussing for today is Drakemoon Swimming Pool Case which has a bundle of cool and popular games. The list of games which has been included in this case has been mentioned below and this case will only cost you $ 3, presenting a decent discount of 25 % and also awarding you 300 Moonwars gems for opening this case

Drakemoon Swimming Pool Case

Left For Dead 2 ( $19.99 ):

Left For Dead 2 is an award-winning co-op action horror sequel to the Left For Dead. This is purely co-op game which will take you and your friends to the terrifying survival adventure through the cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South from Savannah to New Orleans. Whole horror adventure is split into five campaigns with distinctive settings.

Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition ( $19.99 )

Saints Row IV is an open world action-adventure game which is famous for its top class parody. It was released in August 2013. It follows the story from a few years after the events of Saints Row: The Third where Boss has now become president of United States and received superpowers. But the whole nation is sudden trouble as aliens invaded the US and now it is his duty as president to prevent the alien invasion in the lead of alien overlord Zinyak with his superpowers.

Saints Row The Third Full Package ( $14.99 )

Saints Row The Third is an action-packed parody game developed by Volition. It has been praised by various gaming editors because of its comic and parody based action gameplay. Its story is set in the completely reformed city five years after the events of Saints Row 2 where Third Saints is now emerged as a brand after taking over Stilwater. City’s market is filled with their brands but a legendary criminal fraternity, Syndicate has their eye over them. After refusing to kneel before them Saints Third are all set to go all out against Syndicate with a sex toy as their signature weapon.

G2A Gift Card ($5)

Drakemoon Swimming Pool Case

Max Payne 3 ( $19.99 )

Max Payne is third person action shooting game developed by Rockstar Games. It was released on 15th May 2012. It was critically acclaimed as one of the best game of 2012.

Max Payne 3 is a sequel to Max Payne 2 and follows the story of Max Payne who is still suffering his wife’s and daughter’s loss after nine years of the events of previous instalments. He is now retired from NYPD and become addicted to Painkillers while nursing his alcoholism. One day, due to some unfortunate events in his life, he takes a job as a personal bodyguard in  São Paulo for protecting the family of Rodrigo Branco. But events turn out dangerous and out of his control which leads him to similar situations as his past. He finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth about the attack on the family.

Human Fall Flat ( $14.99 )

Human Fall Flat is an open-ended physics-based exploration puzzle solving the game. In this game, players play as a customizable character known as Bob. He is a normal human with no superpowers. The whole game is set in his surreal dreams and his objective is to escape from dreams via solving puzzles. His dream world seems a fantasy but it follows the laws of physics where he has only some tools to construct a catapult for projection. Game’s environment is fully interactive which helps him to climb and carry anything. In online mode, you can play the games with your friends. You can solve puzzles together with the squad of Bobs.

Snake Pass ( $19.99 )

Snake Pass is a unique puzzle-based game in which puzzle challenges can be completed when you think like a snake and its abilities.
“When the tranquillity of Haven Tor is interrupted by a mysterious interloper only the unlikeliest of heroes can save the day! Meet Noodle the Snake and his hyperactive best friend, Doodle the Hummingbird, who together must reunite the missing Keystones with the magical gates that give Haven Tor its mythical power.”

Goat Simulator ( $9.99 )

It is the latest tech simulation game in which you play as a goat and can do anything like a goat. Destroy things with style, such as doing a backflip while headbutting a bucket through a window, and you’ll earn even more points. You can even create your own customizable goat. (Drakemoon Swimming Pool Case )

Shadow Warrior ($ 49.99 )

Shadow Warrior is a reimagining of 3D Realms’ cult classic shooter. Blending the viciously over-the-top gunplay of its predecessor with the elegant precision of the powerful katana, Shadow Warrior promises to be an imaginative take on the classic arcade-style shooter.It follows the story of Lo Wang in FPS mode as he fights with demonic hordes of different levels in different chapters.

Bastion ( $14.99 )

It is an action-role playing game that redefines the way of storytelling in games. Bastion tells the story of the kid who moves through floating, fantasy-themed environment while fighting with overwhelming enemies in the wake of an apocalyptic Calamity. It also features a dynamic voiceover from the narrator for giving the best storytelling experience along with the action.

Victor Vran ( $19.99 )

It is an action RPG game set in a fantasy world of Zagoravia where both magic and science are present. It follows the story of Victor Vran, a demon hunter who helps people of his community to fight from Demons invading the world from an unknown source.

Worms Revolution ( $14.99 )

It is a 2D turn-based-strategy game in which team of worms take turns to attack and destroy the opposing team with variety of weapons. This game also features puzzle mode along with a story mode of a worm.

We are sure you will be dying to buy all these games, as this deal is too tempting. To make the purchase you need to visit the link below.

Swimming Pool Case DrakemoonLink 

Let us know below in the comments section, which one is your favourite title in this case. To grab more deals and offers like these, just keep a regular check on Drakemoon website.

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