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Drakremoon Vendetta Bundle is best gaming bundle

Gaming Bundles has always a lot to offer and it can be tricky for someone to select the best out of it. But Drakemoon has done some fabulous job with their gaming bundles by assorting the most popular games in their bundles. One of the bundles that we liked, in particular, is Drakemoon Vendetta Bundle. We have listed the details about Drakemoon Bundle below, just have a look.

Drakemoon Vendetta Bundle

Drakremoon Vendetta Bundle

Drakemoon Vendetta bundle is one of the best gaming bundle that you will never find on other websites. It is full of action-packed games which have been praised by various editors and still ruling the mind of many gamers. Drakemoon Vendetta Gaming Bundle includes:

  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Mad Max
  • Insurgency
Grand Theft Auto V ( Current Steam Key Price – $29.99 )

GTA V is most popular action-adventure masterpiece game by Rockstar Games. According to the worldwide editors, this game is a living world where you can expect anything at any time. Greed, Corruption, hypocrisy and the abuse of the power by characters in the game makes everyone feel like the real world.

It follows the story of a retired con man leaving in his Vinewood mansion with family, Franklin a young street hustler and Trevor a terrifying psychopath. Due to some past incident related to a bank heist of which Trevor and Michael were part of and their issues with government, criminal underworld three of them find themselves in a serious position. To survive in Los Santos, they pull off some serious heists under the influence of government agency. The story becomes more complicated for them where they can’t trust anybody in the city even each other.
Switching between three characters during story makes its narration better.

GTA V is also famous for its heist’s mission which is much better than its predecessor, i.e. GTA IV. Having options of the way of doing heists and switching characters between an action or fighting scenes makes the game’s mechanics more effective.

GTA V pc mode also includes Grand Theft Auto Online feature where 30 players can jump into the big San Andreas map simultaneously along with two spectators. Its been 3 years since the launch of GTA Online and it is still fresh because of unlimited fun, heists, stunt races, challenges in the game which look more entertaining while playing with friends. GTA Online always receive the new content update in every 2 or 3 months. With the July update, GTA Online is getting its nightlife scene’s upgrade with new features in bars and pubs and marking the return of one of the famous characters of GTA series, Gay Tony.

Mad Max ( Current Steam Price – $19.99 )

Mad Max game is a story about the hope of lone man to survive the wasteland surrounded with violence where one’s life of a can turn into the fresh meat for scavengers in mere seconds. That lone man is Max who lost his car and nearly cost his health on the hands Scrabous Scrotus. The only connection of the game with Mad Max movie is Scrabour Scrotus who is the son of the villain of Mad Max movie. He is the king of refinery-city Gas Town and nobody can even smile without his permission.

After feeling the fear of being dead, Max survives and meets with Chumbucket who sees him as a god of his car-based religion. He helps Max to build and drive a new death machine known as Magnum Opus. Along with Chumbucket, he starts his long journey to get out of the barren land of death by defeating Scrotus.

This journey is not a play of a few hours. Mad Max focuses on long time progression system with lots of side quest from destroying enemy outposts’ refineries to kill their Top Dogs, burn their fuel depots, and topple their totems. These will help to increase Max’s legends which you can give to Griffa, a mysterious therapist who always meet Max on the random cliffs. Griffa increases Max’s base attributes in exchange for legends. The game will keep you busy every time in collecting scrap to upgrade Magnum Opus.


Insurgency is an online tactical shooter game like Counter-Strike and Red Orchestra. It has concentrated action in which win is always in favour of that team whose teamwork triumph over others. This game is all about playing in teamwork in which a great tactic always needed to secure own stronghold and destroying opponent’s

The game is set in 16 locations of the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia and all 16 maps are playable in day and night. In-game fighting mechanisms are realistic that one or two bullets are enough to take player’s life. You can imagine realism of real fights through this game as there is no health meter, no crosshairs for aiming except scope or iron sight and no hand-holding. Without scouting and keeping track of health meter, it becomes a situation of taking a risk.

You can play 5 cooperative game modes with your friends to complete some dangerous missions. Insurgency’s multiplayer mode offers a huge diversity with its 7 modes in which up to 32 players can play at a time.

A lot of more game deals and exciting bundles has been mentioned on the Drakemoon website, so keep connected to the website to know more about the daily offers.

Of course, there is an enormous amount of other deals ready and waiting all over the interwebs if you comb through it hard enough, so keep your eyes open for those, and have a great weekend. We have shared with you Drakemoon Vendetta Bundle purchase link below.

Buy LinkDrakemoon Vendetta Bundle

Do let us know in comments, your thoughts about this bundle and what type of games you are looking in a gaming bundle for yourself

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