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Drishyam Films To Debut Gujarati Short Film Rammat Gammat in 64th International SFF

Drishyam Films , is a renowned name for giving many award winning and fascinating movies in our time. Beginning from the thumping success of Ankhon Dekhi and followed it with more enthralling films like Umrika, Dhanak, Masaan, Newton and Kadvi Hawa. The acclaimed name now inroad making a Gujarati short film named Rammat Gammat.

Drishyam Films Rammat Gammat
The short film Rammat Gammat is written and directed by Ajitpal Singh (former associate director of Gurgaon and dialogue writer for Once Again), starring Hindi Medium and Bombay Talkies famed Swati Das with some new faces like Shivam Math and Yash Patel. This 18 minute span short revolves around the lives of two best friends in Arcadian India, one being poor and other belonging to an affluent family. Their lives take turn when one of them is gifted with golden yellow football studs.

A teaser of the short film Rammat Gammat is out on YouTube and seems very intriguing as it shows an extremely heart-touching storyline. Though the teaser didn’t give much design of what the short is gonna be but when I watched it I got a vague idea of the same story I witnessed before. Teaser begins with a voice over of some children shouting, ‘thief! Thief! A shoe-thief! And a boy is hiding himself away from being caught. As the teaser draws further two friends are shown coming together from school and enjoying. Which gives little idea that movie must be revolving around the friendship of these two besties who are stuck between a social stigma of rich and poor. The Rammat Gammat will now be shown at the 64th International Short Film Festival, one of the oldest running short film festivals, that will take place in Oberhausen. Oberhausen is the world’s oldest functioning short film festival and given way to the great works of many filmmakers by discovering their talents.


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