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Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers, Release Date and Story Plot

Edens Zero penned by famous Fairytail author Hiro Mashima and it is a fantasy-science fiction based manga with Rebecca and Shiki as its lead character. So far the manga is looking very interesting and story development is growing strong and intense. The fantasy world of Cosmos, Blue Garden and Norma fits completely perfect with the way story has been described so far. In this article, we will go through the previous chapter and will discuss Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers.

Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers

Before proceeding to the spoilers of Chapter 8, let us gather the happenings of the previous chapter. We observed that our lead characters Rebecca and Shiki has been stuck on a planet named Norma, but the problem they have stuck in a time 50 years ago. Both had planned their visit to Norma in order to meet Professor Weisz to get new ship from him so they can go to the Mother ” Goddess of Cosmos”. Now, in the last chapter, we have seen Weisz who is currently not a professor but a thief and he stole a box from Sibir (evil character). When Shiki opens the box, he founds a mini robot who is calling herself as EMP ” EM Pino” who has the power to generates electromagnetic waves for short duration which can turn off electrical equipment. They found that Pino current master is Sibir, who might want to use her as a tool to steal money. Pino tries to go towards his master Sibir, being a robot, it is programmed to obey the master. Shiki discovers a cube, just like Rebecca uses at planet blue garden. Shiki and Rebecca see in the video that Sibir used to torture the Pino and also erased its memories. Shiki and Rebecca moved by seeing this and plans to save Pino from Sibir cruelty. On the other side, Professor Weisz tries to unfold the plan, how Sibir is going to make money with that robot and he should be the one to get this chance. When he locates the Sibir he founds that he is along with Destroyers of the South: The foot brothers.

 Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers – Shiki and Team try to save EMP

In the Edens Zero Chapter 8, we will see that the Happy, Shiki and Rebecca will try to save the EM Pino from the slavery and cruelty of Sibir. But that won’t be the easy task, as we have seen him operating the giant robot and also he is along with the Destroyer of the South: The foot brothers, as the name specifies Destroyers, they must be the very dangerous duo.

Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers

 Edens Zero Chapter 8 Spoilers Manga

But if you will observe closely in the last of the chapter, it is mentioned initiate the plan by one of the destroyers brother and just before it, the picture says to take down the whole town, you know what to do with little EMP in the centre. So, a possibility is EMP will use electromagnetic waves to disrupt the city electrical equipment and Sibir along with team make chaos in the city and steals everywhere. Now, what Professor Weisz will do ? as he is watching everything hiding behind the wall. Well, he noticed the destroyer brother, he surely will not take against the Sibir team alone. So he will team up with Rebecca and Shiki to save EMP and also to take down Sibir with help of Shiki power.

Edens Zero Chapter 8 Release Date 

Edens Zero Chapter 8 will be released on 15th August 2018.


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