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Edens Zero Chapter 9 Spoilers, Release Date, Story Plot

In the Edens Zero Chapter 8, we have seen that Rebecca and Shiki goes to the Sibir hideout to save the Em Pino. On the other side professor Weisz was the first to reach the Sibir hideout in order to take Em Pino from Sibir. But as we know, he is very powerful and surrounded by Foot brothers. In the article below, we discuss the events of the current chapter and the Edens Zero Chapter 9 Spoilers.

Edens Zero Chapter 9 Spoilers

Before moving ahead to the Edens Zero Chapter 9 spoilers, let us gather the happening of the current chapter. We observe that Em Pino feels sorry says to Sibir that she did not ran away but was in case which was stolen by Professor Weisz. But Sibir pays no heed to it and says he will punish. But in the next moment, Weisz through stone on the Sibir face and takes away the EMP. On the other side, Rebecca, Happy and Shiki enters the scene and Shiki uses his enormous power of Ether gear and throw away enemies flying with his gravity wave and then he launches other attack Heavy dance delivering similar results. This gave Weisz time to run away on Bike, which Rebecca and Shiki used to come to Sibir’s hideout. Then Sibir out of sudden uses a button and a very large heavy metal box fall from above and takes down the Shiki. Sibir goes after Professor Weisz and he ask Foot brothers to keep eye on Shiki and Rebecca. Shiki finds himself on a ground where Michael Robot friend was lying broken.

Edens Zero Chapter 9 Spoilers

Edens Zero Chapter 9 Spoilers

The Edens Zero Chapter 9 has been named as Foot Brothers, which give us an indication Foot brothers will be highlighted in the next chapter. Foot brothers are alongside Sibir, so they are bound to be powerful characters. In the next chapter, we will witness an epic battle between Shiki and Foot brothers. We are likely to see Shiki using his ether gear in more capacity to take down Foot brothers.

Eden-Zero-Chapter-9 Spoilers

Now the question here arises, Michael is lying damaged in Sibir place, which means Sibir might have used Michael and then after using him tortured and damaged his parts. As we have seen, Shiki and Rebecca have already started making changes to the timeline, there is a possibility Shiki will also save Michael along with EMP and that is how Michael reaches another planet. On the other side, we will see Professor Weisz encountering with Sibir. But in the end, we will see Shiki coming to the rescue of Weisz and EMP after defeating Foot brothers.

Edens Zero Chapter 9 Manga Release Date

Edens Zero Chapter 9 is scheduled to release on 29th August 2018.


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