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What is electronic skin?How it works?Is it a augmented/virtual reality device?

You must heard of the augmented reality device like Google Lens and virtual reality device, which is one of the most popular devices in medical field, since it was first introduced . And now an electronic skin is recently developed which seems to be based on the concept of virtual reality and augmented reality, and can be used to manipulate virtual objects.


What is electronic skin?

The electronic skin or e-skin is a thin, pliable film about 3μm (micrometer), which is soft and flexible, which user can wear on hands like a tattoo or a band-aid. The thin film are embedded with a number of sensors in it. The wearer is able to manipulate the virtual objects using hands, like opening cap of a bottle, controlling the light intensity of a virtual light bulb by just moving wrist, or using a virtual calculator, with only movement of hands.

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You might be curious to know that, how does e-skin works? So, the answer is it has a number sensors that interact with magnetic field. The sensors that are used in the electronic skin are inclination sensitive, it means, the sensors response if the wearer put the hand at an angle, and in response the sensors produce different intensity of voltage, on the basis of defined algorithms, programs.

The technology of electronic skin, may seems to be same as virtual and augmented reality, but both the technologies are different. We might say similar to each other, as both uses the interaction of real world with virtual world. Will this new tech change the VR tech? The answer is NO, according to study author, Gilbert Santiago Cañón Bermúdez , this new tech is not meant to take over the VR tech, but to enhance it’s usage by adding more details to it. Researchers are working with magnetic fields that are roughly the size of a fridge magnet, for more accurate manipulation of virtual objects. The Verge noted

Source journal:- Science Advances


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