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How to Enable Amazon Alexa FollowUp Mode | Alexa New Features

In the CES 2018, we have observed lot of devices supporting voice assistant feature. It gave us the hint, the upcoming devices this year will be equipped with this technology.

In the competition of smart speakers for the digital ecosystem of home, there is a war between the Amazon Echo, Apple Home Pod and Google Home. All of these devices have their own voice assistant technology. Amazon Echo is supported by the voice assistant by the name of “Alexa”

Today Amazon has introduced a new feature to Alexa voice assistant which allows you to make multiple requests without having to say Alexa before each command. This new feature is called Follow-Up Mode. When this mode is enabled, Alexa will keep listening for the duration of 5 seconds and the blue ring on the Alexa device will keep glowing after her response to your initial request

Just for an example, you can say a command like Alexa, “turn the lights on” and once she says OK, you can say “what is the current time”

This feature is available for all the Echo devices and is also available for third-party devices such as Garmin, Sonos One, Echobee4 Thermostats and GE Sol.

Note: This follow up mode will not work while you are listening to music or placing a call using Alexa

Enable Alexa Follow-Up Mode Steps

1) From the top left corner, open the side menu (three horizontal lines) from the home page of your Alexa app


How to Enable Amazon Alexa FollowUp Mode
2) Click on the “Settings”

How to Enable Amazon Alexa FollowUp Mode3) Choose the Alexa Device on which you wish to activate Follow-Up mode

How to Enable Amazon Alexa FollowUp Mode

4) Scroll down the screen till you locate Follow-Up Mode. Click on the slider to enable it. If you wish to activate multiple devices, you are required to do this for each Alexa Device separately following from Step 3

How to Enable Amazon Alexa FollowUp Mode

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