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How to Enable developers options on Android P : with steps;

Do you want to get most out of your Android phone, then enabling developers option can give you access to many hidden features. By default, the developer options in Android devices are hidden as they’re really designed for developers who want to test them and make changes that may impact your phone’s performance. But you can use them to do basic things changing your Phones Animations , DPI, change stock Android looks, enable ADB connectivity with your pc, and much more.

Unlocking the hidden “Developers option” menu is slightly different on Android p over previous Android versions as the Android P has new interface, But not that different ,just few more taps.

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So, Here is How to Enable developers options on Android P

Step 1: Head over to “Settings” of your phone, then tap on “System.” On the next menu, tap on “Advanced” then tap “About phone” at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 : Tap the ‘Build Number‘ and then tap on “Advanced” again, then rapidly tap at least 7 times on the “Build number” at enable the “Developer options” menu. You might require to provide your PIN after 7 taps before it can be enabled.

STEP 3: Once this is done a message will pop up that reads, “You are now a developer!

Now Go back to your Settings, there you’ll find a “Developer options” entry in the settings menu at the bottom side. After opening the developers options tap on switch on button to view and use different options .



So that’s all for How to Enable developers options on Android P .So what are you planning to change with the developer option on your Android phone, tell us down below in the comments section. If you have any further problems than feel free to ask us.

NOTE:: Do don’t  Enable the developers options on your device , if you don’t have proper knowledge about the Android . Some options might change the settings which can make your device unstable.

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