Enable Full-Screen Camera Mode on Galaxy S9 !!

The Samsung launched their flagships the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at MWC 2018. No Doubt the Phones have best and high-end features and some noticeable things like the Ultra Slow motion videos at insane 960fps(How does it work) and AR Emojis(How to use them).

By default for Large Size camera Image, the Settings in the camera app on both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are set at an aspect ratio of 4:3 to get the full resolution of 13 Megapixel out of their image sensors. But when you click the photo the photo doesn’t come on the full-screen display, If you don’t have any problem with lower resolution photo to either 7.9 or 5.2 MP, you can set the picture size to 18.5:9 and make the use insane full display of your device to capture and view images.

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The immersive picture size for the S9 and S9+ works for both the back and front cameras, and can be set in in the following modes:
‎Live ‎Focus,
Selfie Focus.

Here is How to Enable Full-Screen Camera Mode on Galaxy S9

Step 1: Open the Camera app and choose which camera you want to use.

Step 2: Now From here, tap on that rectangular button right next to the settings cog to instantly change the picture size from 4:3 to 18.5:9 on either the front camera or back camera, or on both. If you don’t like it you can revert back anytime by Tapping on the rectangular button.

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You can also change the picture size by directly heading to the settings of your camera app and selecting “Picture Size” on either the rear or front camera tabs. Now simply tap on either “18.5:9 (7.9 MP)” for the rear camera, or “18.5:9 (5.2 MP)” for the selfie camera. Exit when done, and you’re free to take photos in immersive mode.