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How to enable two-step authentication on Google Account

How to enable two-step authentication on Google account to ensure its security. !!

Are you worried about the security of Google account? If not you should as today everything is linked to Your Gmail account ( your contacts , all your saved cards , ) Also knows everything about you ( where you Go, what you shop, what you browse on internet ) etc. So if someone gets your Gmail password he/she can have access to all these things. Sony becomes necessary to maintain the security of your Google account. To protect the Account Google has a privacy feature called two factor authentication. The best part about the two factor authentication is that even someone get access to your Google password than also he/she cannot login to your account , As when you apply this extra add on to your account , you will receive a unique code on your registered mobile number by entering which only you can login to your account. So it is well and good apply two factor authentication on your account. So today we will Guide you how to apply two factor authentication on your Google account.

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How to enable two-step authentication on Google Account

Step 1: Open you browser and head onto in to your Google Account for which you want to apply two factor authentication. Now Click on “Get Started.” You will then be automatically prompted to set up your mobile phone.

Step 2: Now enter a mobile number and verify it by entering a one-time password (OTP) or receiving a voice call. Once your number is verified, you will be asked to enable two-factor authentication.

Note: If the you want to disable two-step authentication, you can do so by going to

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Now if you have applied this two factor authentication , you have to do little extra efforts to login to your Google account by entering the OTP every time you login. But Don’t worry to easily login to your account even after two factor authentication , Google has introduced Google Prompt. This new feature Sends a prompt on your and you just have to Tap on YES on you phone to login instead of typing the code.

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How to enable Google Prompt

Android users first need to ensure their account is added to their smartphone. If not, head onto phone’s Settings > Accounts > Other Accounts > Add account (these steps may vary with different devices). Two-step verification dashboard will detect your account an send a notification on your smartphone asking if you are trying to sign in from another computer. Tap ‘Yes’ and Google Prompt will be activated. If you are using an iOS device, yow will need to follow the same procedure on your iPhone to apply this 2 step security for google account.

So that’s all for  How to enable two-step authentication on Google account .Now whenever you will sign in to google account , You have to Tap YES or enter the code of your phone.

Apart from this ,we do recommend you to use a strong password, keep your system/browsers updated, keep account recovery options updated  to ensure you security. So are you planning to enable two-step authentication? If yes, let us know in comments below.


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