Engineering Girls is a web series by The Timeliners featuring Sejal Jumar, Barkha Singh and Kritika Awasthi. Directed by Apoorva Singh Karki the series is about the lives of three engineering girls Maggu, Sabu and Kiara and their experiences of fun, adventure and camaraderie during the never forgettable college days.

Engineering Girls In the crux

Every hostel dweller can relate to the content of Engineering Girls. Fighting over trifles, trust issues, standing by your friends and helping them out each and every perk of college life is been cherished by the girls. Maggu is preparing for her practical exam but her file is missing, Sabu is struggling to complete a challenge and Kiara is fighting for her place in the drama society.

Engineering girls

The first episode unites all three girls to solve their problems and portrays Maggu and Sabu’s friendship followed by Maggu stuck in a problem that a guy stole her file and then Shabu with the help of an acquainted lab assistant helps Maggu. It generally happens that when we are frustrated for some reason then we end up pouring our frustration on others or the person next to us. Same happens with both the friends Sabu and Maggu, while just arguing they indulge in a fight and Maggu leaves the room. The series also put light on the fact that no one is your true friend except the lucky ones you already have alike Sabu and Maggu then Kiara comes to Sabu makes her understand and misunderstandings get sorted. Girls will definitely relive the time when they were in college and what all they did for that’s the only time after school for full fledge enjoyment.

Engineering Girls – Final Verdict

Engineering Girls has both the highs and lows as actors were great and they performed well too. Moreover, it was something new from typical but wasn’t much absorbing. So a two-faced series with both goods and bads but lacks interest. The Trailer seemed more promising and absorbing but series failed to make to say wow. Apoorva Singh Karki’s direction is laudable and real. It was a nostalgia as warden’s rebuke, senior’s mischiefs and teasings, friend’s support and we all must have had a common enemy in our school and colleges with whom we together in groups used to sustain enmity.