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Epic Games Co-Founder finally commented on Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the all-new Battle Royale based game published by EA, the makers of Titanfall. The all-new game is free to play, and it is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platform all over the world. Apex Legends is currently getting popular among the gaming community, which resulted in a total of 10 million players in just three days of global launch. For now, players can play only in squads with two other teammates where a total of 20 teams, that is, 60 players jump to battle and survive on the map.

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With the increasing amount of players of the new battle royale, a fall in Fortnite streamers has been seen in the past days, which shows the giving a fierce competition to the most popular battle royale, Fortnite. But still, we won’t say that Apex Legends has knocked out the Fortnite user base, as it is just the starting, and anything can happen. Epic Games which recorded a total 200 million accounts in Fortnite won’t sit idle and loose user base easily.

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Gamers around the world are comparing Apex Legends with Fortnite and writing reviews on it. It seems people like the Respawn’s new battle royale and not only this the Co-Founder and Vice President of Epic Games, Mark Rein is also praising the game.

When a twitter asked Rein about the game, he responded, “I tried it”. And not only this, but he also stated on the twitter post, “Yes it’s very good”. It seems that Rein is not only playing but enjoying the game.

In response to Rein’s comment, Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn, replied, “Means a lot coming from you Mark!” showing his gladness. “I believe I owe you drinks next time we meet up!”, Vince added.

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