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Epic Games explains why Bouncer removed from Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 6 has brought several novelty changes to the game. In the Fortnite Season 6 many items have been vaulted and one of which includes the bouncer.

Bouncer was a really successful item and all the players have loved its feature and usage. It has been consistently used by many professional players.

So, it left many people wondering what was the reason for the removal of Bouncer Item from the game.

Bouncer removed from Fortnite

Bouncer removed from Fortnite

One of the Epic Games representative, Sean Hamilton, Community Coordinator at Epic Games has shared his insights regarding the removal of Bouncer from the game.

We removed Bouncers due to the influx of recent mobility items as well as more than we have planned for the future

In his statement, he has clearly mentioned that removal of the item may not necessarily mean it won’t come back to the game.

As previously, we have seen the return of many vaulted items, so we will may get to see its return but this is the reason explaining why Bouncer removed from Fortnite Season 6

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