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Epic Games Fortnite First Person View Release Date, Concept

After the success of PUBG FPP mode, many Fortnite fans are hoping for the Fortnite FPP mode but it seems that Epic Games is no mood in introducing the First Person Perspective mode in the game. Since Fortnite is building the based game, FPP might be a huge gamble for Epic Games. But,a Fortnite fan or youtube “Max Box” has uploaded a video of illustrating how First Person mode in Fortnite would look like. Could it be a hint that we would see Epic Games announcing Fortnite First Person View Release Date after seeing this? Let’s discuss.

Epic Games Fortnite First Person View Release Date, Concept

He has made a great video showing the Fortnite FPP mode and showcases tons of clips of the working of the first-person mode in Fortnite.

The video’s description explains the thoughts and method of making the montage.

“This was done with an extensive use of the (very buggy) replay system in-game, so while it’s not “live” footage, it’s certainly better than anything else out there so far that I’ve been able to find.”

“I thought I’d try to show what Fortnite would actually look like in first person mode. There are no overlay or damage indicators, though if I make more of these in the future, I may try to incorporate them.”

Since this concept is made using the replay system of Fortnite, you can’t expect the mode in the game anytime. It is done using Fortnite Save The World game mode.

FaZe Clan’s Avery ‘Avxry’ Lopriore has also shown insights of build battle in First Person Mode in Fortnite using Save the World’s option.

Since it is only a fan’s version of Fortnite First Person mode, we can’t expect its release date very soon.

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