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Epic Games Fortnite Leaks- Dark Bomber Pickaxe Found In Fortnite Update 6.0 Files

Since the release of Epic Games Fortnite update 6.0, data miners are busy in revealing upcoming items and cosmetics in the game. Recently, they have found a new pickaxe in Fortnite Update 6.0 game files. It seems to belong to the rumoured Dark Bomber skin.

Dark Bomber Skin In Fortnite Update 6.0 Files

The dark Bomber skin was first conceptualized through Fortnite Season 5 week 10 challenges, where the bright bomber skin was seen touching the Fortnite cube. The cube was reflecting the darker bomber skin towards the brighter one.

Dark Bomber Fortnite

After that, speculation of the release of Dark Bomber skin got increased. Through the datamined files, it seems that we will see Dark Bomber skin in upcoming Fortnite Update. Data miners only found the texture model of the dark bomber skin in assets folder that means Dark Bomber Fortnite skin could be unlocked as challenge skin for Bright Bomber Fortnite skin owners.

Dark Bomber Fortnite

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