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Epic Games releases Fortnite iOS Patch v8.11.1

Epic Games released a Fortnite iOS patch v8.11.1 on March 22, 2019. It was related to some stability issues that were plaguing the platform. Whenever it comes to Fortnite player base, many think about the console or PC player base. But apart from these, Fortnite also has a pretty big player base.

Both Android and iOS devices can now reach 60 FPS but there are still some issues that lead to crashes. This patch v8.11.1 enable Epic to gather information about such issues and resolve them ASAP. Epic wrote the following on Reddit:

Hey Folks,
We’ve just released patch v.8.11.1 on iOS, intended to help with some of the stability issues that players have been experiencing. While this patch will not fix all the current stability issues that players are experiencing, we have included a new way for us to gather more information when crashes occur, in order to resolve these issues as quickly as we can.
Thanks for your feedback, we’re working on it!

Epic Games has started to prioritize iOS players with this patch as maybe iOS devices are more vulnerable to crashes than Android. Each Fortnite patch eliminates various bugs but still leaves some behind. Hence, we should be able to expect more fixes in a future update.

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