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Epic Games Store introduces 14 Day return policy similar to Steam

Epic Games Store has announced a change in their refund policy. The company has launched this store in December’18. It offers a list of AAA and indie game titles, and with this change in refund policy, the company will be directly competing with the game store giants like Steam and GOG.

Recently, it was announced that The Division 2 title will be available through the Epic Games Store, which means the company is trying best to bring the big game titles to their store.

The new refund policy is similar to Steam, according to this new policy, the user will be able to return the game within 14 days of purchase but it should be played less than two hours.

Epic Games Store

Currently, this system is not automated, and if you wish to make the return you are required to contact with player support.

As per the words of Sergey Galyonkin, who is the director of publishing strategy, they are working to make the system more user-friendly.

But if you are banned in the game, you can’t avail these services. Also, if Epic Games discovers you are abusing the refund policy, then you won’t get your money back.

Epic Games Store is surely trying to improve their system, but still, it is missing on some key features as currently it does not includes user reviews, wish lists. But these features are expected to be added in the future


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