The most powerful member of the Seven Deadly Sins is Escanor, renowned for gaining extraordinary power during the day and turns invincible at noon. The powerful member introduced in the 13th episode of the Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 when he rescues Ban, Jericho, and Eliane from the Ten Commandments. Our powerful member is the master of the sun, possess inherent power Sunshine helps him to gradually enhance his magical combat during daytime and at the noon he gains the power of invincibility in which no one can defeat him.

Escanor History:

The prince of the Castellio Kingdom, most powerful member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Lion’s Sin of Pride is Escanor owner of the renowned bar and once is the former Holy Knight. Escanor’s history is only 40 years past.
40 years ago, he accidentally broke his brother’s arm with his power. Due to his weird power, everyone disowned him and Kingdom’s forces marshaled to kill him. But he was saved by a kind-hearted woman Rosa, who hid him with herself to save from forces in exchange of her life. Despite being harassed by the people, he helped them.

One day he eventually meets Merlin and Meliodas who asked him to join the Knight force. In Merlin, Escanor saw the shadow of Rosa and fell in love with her.
10 years ago, Escanor along with the other sins found the Great Holy Knight Zaratras dead and all of them were entrapped by the Great Holy Knights. Then Meliodas ordered everyone to scatter and reunite later.


Sort of Power Abilities;

Escanor power is named Sunshine and his sacred treasure is the Devine Axe Rhitta.
From birth, Escanor has been describing as the successor of the sun and heat whose magical combat is even more than Meliodas in Assault mode as he easily takes down both Galand, Melascula, and Estarossa. Even Estarossa, son of the Demon King refuses to believe someone so powerful.

In battle, Escanor uses his power of rising of the sun. As the sun rises, his magic combat expands and his body releases a vast amount of heat and energy. His attack named cruel sun is enough to evaporate the lake in a single blow.

Even Meliodas, the eldest son of the Demon King, acknowledged his power. True enough, using The One, at the time of noon, Escanor was able to defeat Meliodas in his assault mode, but with the Demonic healing power, Meliodas completely dominated him.
However, at night, his power decreases with the setting of the sun and he becomes even weaker than the normal human being.

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