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Team Entity lost to PES in ESL India Premiership 2018 Summer Season-Day 25

ESL India Premiership 2018, summer season is currently live and many teams are battling each other to win the respective titles.

The tournament is featuring three games which include Clash Royale, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2. The summer season of ESL India is divided into Starter Cup(3), Challengers Series and Master League. The ESL India is presented by OMEN (HP) and Nodwin gaming

ESL India Premiership 2018 Summer Season

ESL India Premiership 2018 Summer
Image Source : ESL India

Team Invictus is currently leading in the Master League Standings for last week and in the second place, we have Team Brutality who has not lost any matches till date in this season.

Yesterday evening we witnessed on the famous rivalries which have come all the way from the green pitches to the world of E-sports gaming.

ESL India Premiership 2018 Summer







Team Entity from India and Team Portal from Pakistan clashed together for Counter-Strike Global Offensive game yesterday. Portal Esports lead by Abdul Haseeb ( HSB) and Team Entity was lead by Bhavin Kotwani.

The map which was selected for the play was the “Mirage”. It was very unlikely of Entity gaming, but entity gaming was no match against the Portal E-sports. Indian counterpart lost to Team Portal with a final score line of 16-5. For Entity gaming, Hellranger made the most kills and for the Portal Esports Tranz got the most strikes, leading his team to the victory.

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