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Eternals May be The Next Entrant in MCU from Marvel Universe

Kevin Feige sent a shockwave around the Marvel fans when he confirmed that Jack Kirby’s Eternals is in its early development stages. If The Eternals feature film were to happen, it would take place following Avengers 4, which is set to bring this Phase of the MCU to an end next year.

The Eternals may not be very popular among the fans so much so that even the casual fans don’t know much about them. But still, Marvel claims to have plans for them. When questioned about The Eternals, Kevin said, “Eternals is one of many, many, many things that we are actively beginning to have creative discussions about to see if we believe in them enough to put them on a slate.”

Marvel - The Eternals MCU

Though it indicates that Eternals could be the next big thing in the MCU, but at the same time, Feige also stated that not only they but some other projects are also being considered as a part of early development.

Although, Kevin’s comment is in sync with the fact that The Eternals creators, The Celestials are getting a spotlight in the Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness’ current Avengers run.

They were name-dropped in Avengers #3, but they appeared in Avengers #4. However, Eternals were dead when Iron Man and Doctor Strange found them in Olympia. The only survivor, Ikaris, uses his last moments to bring Iron Man in their cosmic fold. But actually who are these Celestials and Eternals? Let’s dig deeper into that

Marvel - The Eternals MCU

Iron Man explained the Eternals and their connection to the Celestials in an easy way. According to Iron Man, they are the guards left by Celestials to watch over humanity. They and the Earth’s mightiest superheroes have a lot in common, they both were created out of experimentation by Celestials causing an outbreak in superhuman population in the Marvel Universe.

Also, it’s said that when they combine their physical and mental powers to take up the shape of a giant human brain. When Ikaris was dying, he knew that only a Uni-Mind could stop the Final Host and thus he touches Iron Man and says, “…only the unimind can stop them. Only you can be the cure.” Now, with the Iron Man inducted as the latest ‘Uni-Mind’ at the end of Avengers #4, we can hope that he is the one to be able to stop the Final Host.

Marvel - The Eternals

Now looking at an overall perspective, we can see the Avengers arc going around the Eternals, and the Celestials and Marvel Comics and Marvel studios tease a lot of prospects with this kind of sync.

What do you think about this, are they going to show up in MCU? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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