Steins Gate anime is returning to the TV after long 9 years. It is returning with the other phase of the anime “Steins Gate 0”. Before watching Steins Gate 0 you should know about the Steins Gate and what is the reason of events going to happen in Steins Gate 0.

Steins Gate

What Is Steins Gate?

Steins Gate anime is based on a visual novel game by 5pb and Nitroplus.It follows the story of a self-proclaimed mad “mad scientist” Rintaro Okabe. He runs a laboratory in Tokyo. His life turns up and down when he finds the dead body if scientist Kurishu Makise. He texted a colleague about the incident to discover that the message reached to his colleague before the commitment of murder. This lead to him and his friends building a time machine with the phone as experimental part. Their time machine allowed them to text messages to past. As they start to mess with history all sorts of timelines in the world begin to unfold. Among the,m three are major in which one is the incident of the death of Kurisu Makise occurred.

Alpha World Line In Steins Gate

It is one of the three major three timelines in Steins Gate series. Most of the events of Steins Gate anime takes place in this timeline. Okabe on seeing famous girl Kurisu murdered at the beginning led him to unknowingly sends his first text to the past and prevents her death from happening.

As results, Kurisu joins Okabe’s experiments on the new time machine by their argument over time machine existence. They send multiple text messages to the past and Kurisu uses her educational background to build a machine to send someone’s memories to their past self. When everything was fine suddenly an incident happened which led Okabe to choose between two choices no matter what he does to history.

His childhood friend Mayuri dies and SERN rules the world. SERN investigates the Okabe’s first text to past and track down him and kill Mayuri.

Steins Gate

Kurisu has to die as shown at the beginning of the anime.

Steins Gate

Beta World Line In Steins Gate

To escape from the Alpha World Line, Okabe canceled all his text to past to change the timeline and to save Mayuri’s death.But this leads to the events of Kurisu’s death. This worldline is most brutal world line in which 5.7 billion lives are at the stake of death as this line goes to hell. In this world like Kurisu is murdered in a confrontation with her father Dr. Bakabachi. He rejects her offers of coauthorship of her research paper on time travel but and seals them and fled to Russia leaving her for dead.His all doing of writing her papers kick off international time machine arms race that starts World War III.

Steins Gate

Steins Gate

To have a happy ending to save both Kurisu’s life and Mayuri death without sending mail that will trip off SERN time traveler Suzuha offers Okabe a physical time machine made by future Daru or her dad to go back to the scene of Kurisu’s death and make it happen. It takes him two tries to save her. In the first try, he gets accidentally kills her himself and on the second try with the help of a message from his future self he goes back and saves her life.

As a result, Kurish’s stolen paper lost in a fire before her dad can get to Russia and she lost her memories of Alpha world Line. Okabe is only one who remembers memories from alternate timelines.

What Is In Steins Gate 0?

Steins Gate 0 is a sequel to the Steins Gate which takes place in the Beta World Line where Okabe did not try the second time to use Suzuha’s time machine to save Kurisu. In the original anime he received a message from his future self but in this anime, he receives no video which leads him not to try the second time.

Steins Gate 0 will pick up the story after six months after the event above.