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Everything Sucks! Trailer : Netflix Takes Us Back to Good Old Times

All Ready For Trip Down The Memory Lane With ‘Everything Sucks!’

Netflix is quite brilliantly playing the nostalgia card as one of its most popular series ‘Stranger Things‘  is just a trip down the memory lane with the sci-fi twist to it. Now it is again ready to transport us to the good old times when we were not engrossed in watching screens all day long.

They revealed the trailer for its upcoming original series titled Everything Sucks! And we must say the first glimpse of the series is entertaining as the teaser has a catchy background music paired with Pop-Up Music video graphics which might look familiar to all VH1 fans out there. The small clip focuses on how things were different in those times without any social media and “cool gadgets.”

Everything Sucks! will revolve around the two groups of high school A/V club and the drama club. The series inevitably have a Freaks and Geeks which is a cult classic show and also follows the two groups of people in high school who are poles apart. It looks evident that now the similarities between the two will be chalked out and if the series can deliver something as fantastic as Freaks & Geeks, then we have another hit from the Netflix for sure.


Another plus for this series is that it will make us nostalgic without any Sci-Fi or horror angle. It will be a light joy ride in those magical times. The show premieres on February 16th worldwide, and we just added it to our binge watchlist.

Everything Sucks! Cast & Synopsis –

Cast – Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Winston, Patch Darragh, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Sydney Sweeney, Elijah Stevenson, Quinn Liebling, and Rio Mangini

Synopsis – A quirky, funny coming of age story that follows two groups of high school misfits, Everything Sucks! follows an A/V club and a Drama club who collide in 1996 Oregon. The series stars Peyton Kennedy (American Fable, The Captive) and Jahi Winston (The New Edition Story) as students Kate Messner and Luke O’Neil, with Patch Darragh (Sully, Boardwalk Empire) and Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako (Grimm) as their respective parents. The series also features Sydney Sweeney (“Emaline”), Elijah Stevenson (“Oliver”), Quinn Liebling (“Tyler”) and Rio Mangini (“McQuaid”). Source –IMDB


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