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Everything Sucks! Review – A Slow Start Keeps It from Being an Out-N-Out Entertaining Series

Everything Sucks! is a Netflix series which wants you to feel nostalgic. At least that what it tried to convey in its trailers. Netflix undoubtedly raked in vast chunks of money by using the nostalgia factor and most significant example of all that is Stranger Things. Many movies, tv shows have always tried to cash in on the nostalgia factor. The most significant example of these tv shows is Freaks and Geeks and That 70s show. Both of these are cult classic and still are woven into the memories.

Everything Sucks! Takes place in 1996 when net just arrived and everyone had usual problems, not the ones which we face, eg. slow net speed, etc. The times were excellent and quiet, but we only realize it now as back then that also felt boring. The story is set in the town of Boring in Oregon, around two high school clubs AV and Drama. It is a lighter romantic and comedic drama involving high school kids. The two groups are opposite to each other as one comprises of total geeks and other consists of freaks who always seek attention with their drama. As the series progresses, it beautifully captures how two groups come together.


To be honest, the trailers misguided me as a viewer as I expected it to another version of Freaks and Geeks. I know it’s not wrong, but incorrect publicity also affects the experience of a user. So, to make it clear the series doesn’t focus on geeks or freaks per say or neither it efficiently uses the nostalgic factor. It is more of romantic comedy between high school kids as they try to survive through the day to day problems.

The story revolves around Luke and his two friends McQuaid and Tyler who are freshmen to the school. All of them pure geeks want to do something different this time around so they evidently join the geekiest club that is AV. There Luke meets Kate and fells in love with her. The most part of the show focuses on the love story of Kate and Luke and how he goes to every length to prove his love for her. Whereas on the other side a shy and charming Kate is busy exploring her sexuality. Simultaneously, we are introduced to members of Drama club Emaline and Oliver. Both of portraying King and Queen in the play at school are the cool theatre kids and bring vibrant color to the story. Especially Sydney Sweeney (Emaline) wins your heart with her beauty and charming smile.


The first few episodes get little boring, or I would say they try to set the base for reasonably good series. You slowly connect with different characters and feel the emotions that they are going through. The series also gives a lot of time to the love story brewing between Kate’s father and Luke’s mother which as we along add a little essence of drama to the series.

Everything Sucks! becomes self-aware of the cliched nerds pursuing the shy girl in the school. As we have seen throughout our lives when a guy loves a girl head over heels there comes a time she also fells for him. In somewhat same way Luke never gives up on Kate even when she says directly to him that she is a lesbian. At this very point, series addresses the issue which all movies or tv shows have conveyed lately that a nerd needs a girlfriend to enter the cool zone. After this moment on series starts finding its way and slowly becomes a drama which you can’t stop watching. It beautifully recovers from the slow start and gets you involved in the lives of people of Boring City.


Still, there are flaws in the series that is it wastes a lot of time on love angle between Kate and Luke and then their parents. So, in the midst of all these all other characters are sidelined and didn’t bring much to the show. Tyler seemed a cool character, but his presence is minimal and comic scenes are way too less. If from the start itself proper character development would have been there the series could have been a lot more entertaining.

From the acting perspective, everyone has done a stellar work. Especially Jahi Winston and Peyton Kennedy both are able to hold your attention as Luke O’Neil and Kate Messner. The creator duo Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan are able to turn things around for the good as we reach the finale and leave you wanting more from it.

Overall, Everything Sucks! takes it time to settle in your heart and we believe that if treated correctly the subsequent seasons can make it a hell of a series. So, if you are chilling over the weekend and want to see something mild after the intense Sci-Fi series Altered Carbon, Everything Sucks ticks all the brackets. Just don’t expect something mind-blowing or a comedy that will tickle your funny bone too much. Even after its flaws and slow beginnings, it makes for a good watch over Boring weekends.

Rating – 3/5 Stars

Check the complete series on Netflix and let us know your views on it.

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