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Extreme’s ‘Warframe’ Still Intact

Digital Extreme’s 2013 published Warframe is still looking strong.After working on ‘Dark Sector’, Digital extremes take on the free multiplayer title is enough to keep players engaging till now.

Warframe is all about action, adventure,blood-gore without a fixed a camera angle.The game mechanics are smooth and the game has a lot to offer to-date.The Warframe or say the suits of armor gives the players different abilities.The game stands out from others as it focused on acrobatic moments during combat.

It started out small and found its fanbase and grew the player base from the first day till today.

The constant growth is the key factor here.The game was launched in 2013 and was also one of the first free to play game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Game was smooth and responsive even at that time.

If you want to feel like a real powerful ninja in the game, you can, without even spending any money.Unlike other games now fully runs on micro-transaction which nullify the balance of the game for other players.You can buy things in warframe with real money and that are the blueprints of other warframes which you have to collect through grinding and it literally makes the end-game content interesting.

You don’t need to run a raid over and over for a specific weapon to turn up, the game menu is also focused on the materials which you need to have to craft certain armor or weapon or warframe, either buy it or track the location where you can farm them.The player base is still growing and millions and millions of people are still returning to experience the incredibility.

.Its been nearly 5 years and the success of this game is the team behind it and the constant player growth.




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