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Facebook Athena Satellite confirmed, expect a launch by 2019

Facebook’s mission to connect everyone around the world to internet might actually become a reality. After a repeated number of scrapped projects, it might finally be onto something. The Facebook Athena Satellite is in the works and according to Wired, it may launch as soon as early 2019.

Is this their first rodeo?

Not at all. Facebook has tried a number of times to provide internet access to those without one, or with sub-par service. It planned to launch solar powered high-flying drones. These drones would connect nearly 4 Billion people to the internet, and the project was called Aquila. After a few successful test runs, the project was scrapped. Facebook also abandoned a helicopter drone project aimed at providing temporary cellular services to disaster-stricken areas.

facebook athena satellite facebook internet satellite

The Facebook Athena Satellite

The Facebook Athena Satellite aims to be a successful venture. According to Facebook, satellite is the future of next-gen broadband infrastructure. The best part about satellites is that it can reach almost anywhere as it just bounces off signals from outer space. Therefore the Facebook internet satellite can connect billions of people still living in rural areas or places without proper internet.

Satellite tech has been in use for quite sometime now and has proven to be quite reliable. We use GPS satellites to navigate, communication satellites to make phone calls and weather satellites to know weather. Compared to standard wired broadband, a satellite has a wider reach. Obviously it imposes a limit on the bandwidth. Therefore the Facebook Athena Satellites will have to use some really innovative techniques to support so many simultaneous connections at one waystation.

facebook athena satellite facebook internet satellite

Our Take on the Facebook Internet Satellite

Project Athena seems like a great step ahead. The idea of a completely connected world means a lot, not just to the people, but to Facebook too. It is still an internet company and benefits a lot from people using the internet. Therefore it is a concern for Facebook. The Facebook internet satellite will surely help a lot of people and bring about change in the way people connect and communicate in rural areas.


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