Friday, July 1, 2022
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Facebook data of 3 million users might leaked through personality test quiz

According to the New Scientist report, Facebook data of 3 million users might have been accessed by illegitimate authorities, who took a personality quiz on the website. The report published by the New Scientist says that the data contained Facebook users answers to a personality test. The potential leaked data does not include the username, but it has the age, gender and relationship status of the users.

All this leaked data should have been only accessible to the approved researchers. New Scientist says that username and password, which has allowed access to the data can be fetched very quickly by searching online and giving access to the personal data of millions.

The data has been gathered by a psychology test named myPersonality. In the total of 6 million people who took the test, approximately half of them have shared their private information anonymously with the researchers. The team operating myPersonality allowed any researcher to signup and who agreed to use the data anonymously. To the matter of fact, a total of 280 people has accessed the information, according to the report.

Facebook data of 3 million users

New Scientist report has suggested that this app was also created by the same researcher Aleksandr Kogan, who was also behind the Cambridge Analytica leak. Previously, Cambridge Analytica gained access to the information of more than 87 million Facebook users with the help of a personality test called thisisyourdigitallife.

Facebook has confirmed New Scientist, that they have so far suspended 200 apps which also include myPersonality.

It is a wake-up call for the users and tech giants, that how easily the unauthorized researchers are abusing and collecting the information of the users with the help of the third-party apps, as today we are standing on the line that Facebook data of 3 million users leaked anonymously. We certainly hope Facebook and other tech giants will look seriously this matter and protect the privacy of the users.


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