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Facebook Groups can now add subscription service for their pages

The era and modes of advertising keep changing with respect to new technologies and mediums by which people interact daily. Social media platforms have taken a very big stage in our daily lives these days, as millions of people spent hours on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat each day. Along with the growing popularity of social media, companies have found a new channel to advertise their products. Facebook Groups can now add subscription service for their pages.

Social media platforms are also discovering new ways to showcase the advertisement on their channels. Facebook has started new experimental subscription feature which will allow the administrators of their page to charge for a monthly subscription of $4.99 to $29.99 per month. This subscription and exclusive membership service is currently only available for Parenting, Cooking and home cleaning group as the first phase of the test.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Facebook has said communities admin put a lot of efforts and dedication in curating the content and maintaining their page. This will provide an opportunity for the admins to earn money and it will also motivate them to create quality content for their community.

There will be an option for the community admins to keep their group under free subscription or launch premium subscription. Sarah Mueller’s, Declutter My Homegroup has kept the subscription service cost $14.99 per month for Organize My Homegroup service. Similarly, Grown and Flown parents is charging $29.99 for the subscription service to access their college counsellors and College Admissions group.

Facebook Groups

This feature can both be boon or bane for the Page admins, as the start of subscription service will allow them to earn money and this can also withdraw users from the page as they have to pay for the subscription service.

This is still an experimental feature and Facebook won’t charge commission against the subscription service cost. But Google Play Store and Apple App store will have the cut of subscription fees as part of their policies.


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