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Facebook introduces video chat feature for Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook wants to leave no stone unturned in making the Facebook messenger absolute users favourite. Mark Zuckerberg’s keep innovating its strategies to capture the young audience and making Facebook messenger as a best instant messaging platform.

The company has introduced a novelty feature in Facebook Messenger Lite, the new update of Facebook Messenger Lite is equipped with the video calls.

According to publication from the Facebook, it was stated that in 2017 there was a total of 17 billion video chats via Facebook messenger. With this step, it will help to extend it reaches to a broad range of users and also for users with low-end phones with lesser space and memory

Facebook Messenger Lite

The latest version of the Facebook Messenger lite can be downloaded from the official play store and once your app will be updated, you will notice that while going in conversation box there a video icon appearing at the upper right corner of the screen. We can also instantly switch between an audio call to video all just by simple click on that button during the course of the conversation

This update is only available for Android users currently, for iOS users they have to wait for while till the company launches this facility for iOS devices

Facebook Messenger Lite uses lesser space, memory on the phone which allows users to drop native Facebook messenger client and install the lighter version of this app

The latest version of the App can be downloaded with a below-mentioned link for Android Users

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