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How does the FaceID of iPhone X work even in dark?


In today’s world everyone own a smartphone, and day by day dependency on a smartphone is increasing.  All this creates a great need of securing our smartphone. The most secure way of securing smartphone is a FINGERPRINT SENSOR. First ever fingerprint in a smartphone was used by APPLE in its iPhone 5 series. And after that technology has upgraded this much that APPLE launched iphone X on 12th of September with FACE ID.

Apple face id

The idea of Face Recognition security is not new, it was firstly introduced in Android by google but it is not that secure, recognition just involved working of the front camera. And the overall security level are not secure it can be cracked easily. But the face recognition in Apple is much advanced and secure.

Apple developed an awesome face recognition system and it is named as FaceID. iPhoneX can be unlocked by just having a glance at it, it that much simple and doesn’t need much attention as in Iris scanner.

And we gonna talk about, the working of FACE RECOGNITION 

For recognition of face in a unique manner four components are used that is the  Infrared Camera, flood illuminator, front Camera and a Dot Projector, and all of them form a TRUE DEPTH CAMERA system, and all are beautifully embedded in a small region, along with the primary microphone, speaker, proximity sensor,and ambient light sensor, between the end-to-end display.

To unlock the phone, user just to have a look at the smartphone, after which the Dot-Projector projects more than 30,000 dots on the face, Infrared sensor takes an infra image and both work to form a mathematical image of the user’s face. And this technology the FaceID  can easily understand a face and a photograph of the user. And the FaceID even works in the dark or low light area, for this a Flood Illuminator is used to detect the face in dark. And all this is done in real time, for the real-time processing of the face detection Apple invented a dedicated Neural Engine, and all the neural algorithms are done by the new powerful A11 Bionic processor.

This new FaceID is so advanced that it adapts the face of the user in progressive days, means if you registered your face for recognition being clean shaven than it will still recognise your face even you stay with some beard.

Talking about how secure is this, from the statements given by the company, we can say it the most secure and easiest way to unlock smartphone. The chances for the fail in detection of the real user of FaceID is 1 in Million, whereas the failing chances of TouchID was 1 in 50K. The only thing which is wrong about this system is that, only one user can register face for FaceID, to unlock the smartphone and to use it in Apple PAY and other 3rd party apps.

Face Recognition system is the latest technology to secure your smartphone and in future we are expecting more innovative technology, for securing the smartphone.


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