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Elon Musk’s SpaceX to launch Falcon Heavy: What is Falcon Heavy & How to watch the launch?

Finally, the most important day has come for Elon Musk, after waiting for 7 years and numerous delays, Musk owned SpaceX is all set to launch the Falcon Heavy. And without going in depth, we will be giving a quick overview of Falcon Heavy and how you can watch the live stream of the launch.

Source- SpaceX, Falcon Heavy

What is Falcon Heavy?

Talking about Falcon Heavy, it’s the heaviest of all the high tech toys of Musk. It is basically equivalent to three times powerful than the Falcon 9, in terms of engine power. The three boosters will be used in the Falcon Heavy, will be capable of generating enough thrust to lift the cargo weighing 60,000 Kgs to the lower Earth orbit. This will be a great achievement as this means more cargo heavy, satellite and stuff to the space in one go. The another thing that makes it special is that the three boosters that will power the Falcon will return to the launch site after the detachment, this makes them reusable.

Falcon Heavy to lift Tesla Roadster.

Source:- Instagram, Elon Musk

On the first flight of Falcon Heavy, Musk has decided to launch his electric four wheeler high tech toy, yes, Tesla Roadster, with a dummy wearing premium SpaceX spacesuit, to the Space. Welcome to the World of Musk!

Where is it launching from?

The Falcon Heavy is going to take off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, called LC-39A. The historic launch site was used to launch the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. SpaceX will be using this launch site for coming years, company also signed a 20-year lease with NASA.

When is the launch happening?

Falcon Heavy’s launch is scheduled to take off on, 6th February, Tuesday between the timings 1:30PM to 4PM EST (12.00AM to 2:30AM IST). But, the launch can be delayed, a little if any error occurs.

How to watch the launch?

The launch will be live streamed on YouTube on SpaceX official YouTube channel. The stream is set to start at 1:30PM EST (12AM IST). You may visit now to set reminder.

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