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Fallout 4 steam key huge discount only $11.39, Best Game Deals by Drakemoon

At E3 2018, we all have witnessed an epic return of the Fallout series with their upcoming project Fallout 76. The game has been scheduled to be released on November 14, 2018. The previous editions of Fallout series received positive reviews from critics, which made Bethesda come up with its sequel. But you have to wait till November for this game to launch, meanwhile you can try your hands on Fallout 4. Drakemoon is awarding a great deal on Fallout 4 today, offering its steam key at price of just $11.39 (Original price – $29.99)

Fallout 4 Steam Key

Fallout 4 game has been set up in a post-apocalyptic world and it’s an action role-playing game. The story of the game follows an open world post-apocalyptic environment encircling the city of Boston and Massachusetts named as ” The Commonwealth. You will be playing as a character ascribed as “Sole Survivor” who has been in an inactive state for a long period of time and sheltered in Vault 111, an underground nuclear fallout shelter. He came to know that someone murdered his wife and his son has been kidnapped after that he begins his quest on the roads of the Commonwealth to search for his missing child.

Fallout 4 Steam Key

The game allows you to craft your own shelter, upgrade weapons by using and interacting with the materials in the game. Your player is rewarded by points for the exploration of ramshackle fallout world and completion of various quests. You will come across many enemies in the game such as Raiders, Mole Rats, Super Mutants, Death claws, and Ghouls. The game offers various customization for its 50 base guns and can undergo 700 different modifications making it barrel type or laser type. You can also enjoy the power suit in the game, giving an uber cool feeling when beating out the enemies. The game environment looks really stunning, delivering an exact feeling of a ruined state after nuclear devastation. Its gameplay is pretty engaging and you can spend hours exploring this post-apocalyptic world.

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