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Fan Art of Rocket After Avengers Infinity War Will Make You Emotional

Avengers Infinity War was once in a lifetime spectacle that included more than 40 Superheroes trying to defeat Thanos. However, in the end, all their efforts went waste when Thanos with the snap of his finger turned half of the universe into ashes. Many of our Superheroes were also turned into dust and we were left with a broken heart. Almost everyone including the Superheroes was caught off guard when it all happened. Seeing our heroes die crushed our hearts and tears rolled down our eyes. The most emotional death was of Spiderman and Groot as they vanished into the air in front of their father figure.

The cute tree died once again in front of our eyes leaving all of us with tears in eyes. Now, thanks to fan-artist Bosslogic our emotional strings are plucked yet with a portrait of Rocket trying to bring back his buddy Groot. The art shows Rocket collecting Groot’s ashes in a flower pot in hopes of growing him back in a similar way he did it at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. The portrait is too emotional that you end up praying, for that cute tree to come back to life and bring back joy to Rocket’s life.

Earlier the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn revealed another emotional incident from the Avengers Infinity War that forced us to grab a pair of napkins. So if you haven’t heard of it, I would request you to get the napkin before reading ahead. If you think that Groot’s death was emotional stuff for you, then his last words will surely leave you with a broken heart. The director James Gunn took Twitter a few days ago to confirm Groot’s final words in Avengers Infinity War, “Dad..” as he tried to grab Rocket’s hand.

When Infinity War’s director Anthony Russo was asked if that word was part of the script, he confirmed it while talking to Huffington post “It was, and it was ‘Dad.'” (Feeling heavy hearted yet)

Rocket Avengers Infinity War Fan Art Groot

The last word said by Groot is too emotional and now reading about it on father’s day takes it to another level. No matter if Groot’s screen time was less in Avengers Infinity War, but he was able to win our heart in seconds itself when he helped in making Stormbreaker. We hope he returns in Avengers 4 and gives us plenty of memorable moments with Rocket.

What are views on the fan art and do you think Groot will return in Avengers 4? He’ll indeed be back by the time Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 rolls around in 2020, right? Do let us know your thoughts in comments below.

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