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Far Cry 5 New Gameplay

After the massive success of Assassin’s creed origins,Ubisoft’s next addition to its Far cry series is its 5th installment. Far cry 3 was one of their most deadliest game of the series till date.

Far cry 4 was just another story with different villian,beautiful Himalayas and how i can forget soldiers or enemies speaking Hindi.Far cry 4 just lacked some real sense of playability.It was just a previous game with another story and it sucked.Assassins creed origins gave ubisoft the outlook on what gamers actually want and with that i really think it’s time ubisoft will really revamp their upcoming game on a whole different level.

Far cry 5 is beautiful looking game no-doubt but the problem with the big studios nowadays is to address real world issues without exploiting them.Indie developers are not having any problem conveying them.

Far cry 5 villain is from the cult – ‘Eden Gate’. He is charismatic,deranged and a powerful man. Difference between Far cry 5 and its predecessors is the lack of the danger-sensing atmosphere.Far cry 3 & 4 both set in island kind of atmosphere where every turn was a bloodbath. It looks like Far Cry 5 will address political issues with the exercise going around in real world.It can clearly be seen they are addressing issues which are racist but saying they actually are is an understatement,game is not out yet.

Far Cry 5 is a 5th installment in the series,and as per the gameplay goes it will makes sense once we play it further.We only know that it’s on pre-order on Playstation store and releasing next year 27 March 2018..


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