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FaZe Clan Nate Hill got suspended from Fortnite Fall Skirmish event

Since our childhood, We have heard this line again and again from elders ” One should play a sport in good spirit”. But all these proverbs does not justify well, as during the competition one or the other player loses their temperament and indulge in bad ethics.

We have observed similar thing in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Tournament.

FaZe Clan member Nate Hill has been officially suspended from the event and his partner FunkBomb has been permanently eradicated from the event.

Nate Hill has confirmed this while reading an official letter from Epic Games.

FaZe Clan Nate Hill Suspended

As part of the punishment, Nate Hill has been suspended from participating in any Skirmish events till October 11th, 2018

But he will continue to be the member of Dusty Dogs Club and also be eligible for Club Prizing in Fall Skirmish

FaZe Clan Nate Hill

While FunkBomb has been kicked out of club Dusty Dogs and also won’t be the part of the tournament in any sort.

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If you are not aware of the incident, let us brief you out on this matter. While FunkBomb got eliminated he conveyed the position and health stats of an enemy player and gave his partner “Nate Hill an unfair advantage “


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