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Faze defeats Fnatic to book Semifinals in IEM Sydney 2018

IEM Sydney 2018 is currently underway and the stakes are very high, as all the teams battling their way to the finals. The tournament has the total pool price $ 250000. On day 4, of the tournament, we have witnessed a great quarterfinal match between the Team Fnatic and Team Faze Clan. Both of these teams have one of the best CS: GO players in the world. And in their previous meet at IEM, Katowice, both of these teams displayed splendid class and competitive spirits in the finale, but at the end, Fnatic claimed the prize and emerges as winners. But here at Sydney, Faze defeats Fnatics in the classic fashion.

Both of the teams, Fnatic and FaZe Clan fought their way to book their places in the quarterfinals of the tournament. As everyone expected both the teams to put up some marvellous game of CS:GO and demonstrate an epic quarterfinal for the audiences.

The maps those were selected for the game, mentioned below and the winner of the quarterfinals has to be decided by Best of 3.

1. FaZe removed Train
2. Fnatic removed Nuke
3. FaZe picked Cache
4. Fnatic picked Mirage
5. FaZe removed Overpass
6. Fnatic removed Dust2
7. Inferno left over

On the first map Cache, FaZe clan outperformed the Fnatic with the scoreline of 16 FaZe:8 Fnatic (9T:6CT; 7CT:2T).On this map, GuardiaN and Xizt, stole the show, with an impressive 24 and 23 kills respectively. Flusha who has been ace for Fnatic in IEM Katowice could not do much in the first map and only got 10 kills to his pocket. Hence the Fnatic dropped the first map to FaZe clan.

On the second map Mirage, the conditions should have been favourable for Fnatic, as their team as always performed well on this map. But the things turn out differently for the Fnatic and they fall to the scoreline of 15-5. It was all looking so easy for FaZe, as they were just one round away from snatching a win and booking their place for Semis. But Fnatics showed a great level of mental fortitude and push themselves back into the game with the score of 15-14. It was quite extraordinary stuff from the Fnatic to win consecutively 9 rounds and raise the tension on both sides. But in the end, FaZe hold their nerves and defeated the Team Fnatic with the scoreline of 16 Faze:14 Fnatic (10CT:5T; 6T:9CT). The best performer from the FaZe Clan on the Mirage Map was Niko with the total of 29 kills.

FaZe Clan Vs Fnatic Match Statistics

FaZe Clan 2-0 Fnatic

Cache: 16-8
Mirage: 16-14

Faze defeats Fnatic
Source: xPokeyyy (Reddit)

Faze defeats Fnatic
Source: xPokeyyy (Reddit

Faze defeats Fnatic
Source: xPokeyyy (Reddit)


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